TUFF Top Cover

  • The new, innovative built-in TUFF Top on all TUFF Spa models
  • Lifetime Warranty – Never buy another spa cover again!
  • Easily opened and closed from the front or the side by only one person using one hand – no Cover Lift required
  • Cover converts into a flat shelf/bar that doesn’t obstruct your 360° view
  • Stays horizontal so you never need to bend over eliminating unneeded stress on your back
  • Exclusive Channel-flow design drains water from top preventing water from pooling on top of the cover
  • Inter-locking design eliminates the need for unsightly straps
  • Holds over 500 lbs. when closed or 300 lbs. when used as a shelf
  • Fully insulated and gasket sealed for maximum energy efficiency
  • Power coated aluminum arms that will never break or need to be replaced
  • No more rotting, smelly, or sagging covers


Uni-body Construction

One-piece Roto-mold Body

Solid, durable one-piece construction
No rotting wood
Keeps heat in
Virtually Maintenance Free!

Solid Bottom

Keeps bugs and rodents out

Can be Placed
on Any Flat Surface

Can be placed on ANY flat, level surface such as concrete, tile, gravel, sand, or grass. There is no need to spend extra money having a pad poured for your Tuff Spa.

Large Easy-access
Side Panels

Side access panels on all four sides to allow access to every part of your spa. This makes any maintenance on the spa simple and easy.

Polar Pack Insulation

5 Layers of Insulation!

  • Blown Polystyrene
  • Reflective Foil Covering
  • Blue sTUFF R22 Insulation
  • White Foam
  • Polyethylene Shell

Quality Benefits

  • Excellent Noise Absorption
  • Sustainable Product
  • Strong Thermal Protection
  • No Itch Or Skin Irritation
  • Resists Microbial Growth

Plug & Play Ready

All TUFF Spas come Plug-in ready – expensive electrical work isn’t needed with this spa. Just plug it in to any standard electrical outlet and it works! All spas come with a built-in 240V converter if you choose to hard-wire into the main electrical panel.


120V option = 1kW heater and no high-speed when heater is on;

240V option = 4kW heater and heater can run in high-speed.

Want more power?

Just ask about our TurboTUFF upgrade and get a pump with twice the power! Also ask about our TurboTUFF Plus package and get up to 12 more jets!

* TurboTUFF option requires 240V electrical

* TurboTUFF option not available on TT150 spa

  • Material is recyclable.
  • All waste and trim pieces are recycled and reused.
  • Lifetime warranty on shell that will not end up in a landfill.
  • No volatile organic compounds like other spas.
  • No Resin blown in manufacturing like other spas.
  • Fewer emissions in manufacturing than other spas
  • 120V and 240V options that offer far less amp draw and electrical usage than most spas.
  • One piece, heat-retaining shell that traps heat in and reduces electrical usage.
  • Hard-top cover that seals with a gasket and grove, preventing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.
  • Two speed pumps that filter and heat on low speed drawing minimal amps.
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