Prep Location

Prepare Spa Location

    • Acrylic hot tubs should be on either a 4” concrete pad or on an appropriately sized Handi Pad.
    • TUFF spas can be on Grass, Gravel, Pavers, Dirt, Concrete, or Handi Pad.
  • CONSIDER HOW ELECTRICITY WILL BE RUN TO YOUR HOT TUB. Please visit our Electrical Requirements page for more information.
    • Run Conduit Above Ground – or –
    • Run PVC Under Ground to a Stub Point.
    • Will you go straight from home panel to spa or will you include a Breaker Box in-between to allow for easy power shut-off.
    • Acrylic hot tubs using a Cover Lift system will require 12 inches on one side.
    • Acrylic hot tubs without a Cover Lift system will require 12 inches on one side.
    • TUFF Spas will require 24 inches on both the left and right sides of the hot tub.
  • CONSIDER WHERE YOU WILL DRAIN YOUR HOT TUB. Hot tubs occasionally need to be drained, cleaned, and refilled with clean water.

Prepare for Delivery Access

  • All hot tubs required a minimum of 36” to 44” of clearance for distance of 8 ½’ to 11’ through gates, between house and side fences and around corners and 8 ½ feet to 11 feet of overhead clearance depending on the size of the unit. Please refer to the ‘PREP’ tab on this site’s page for your particular spa to find access dimensions for your spa model.
  • Hot tubs can travel over Gravel, Rock, Sand, Dirt, Concrete, or Grass.
  • MAKE SURE YOU CHECK FOR ANY OBSTRUCTIONS TO THE DELIVERY PATH including but not limited to Walls, Gates, Gate Hinges, Gas Meters, Air Conditioners, Fireplaces, Low Roof Eves, Gutters, Tight Corners, Trees and Tree Branches, Slopes, Planter Beds, etc.
  • THE HOMEOWNER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR A CLEAN AND CLEAR ACCESS FOR DELIVERY. All debris, limiting or blocking access to or on setup location, must be removed prior to delivery. This is to include that all dog waste is removed.
  • Delivery crews do not trim trees or bushes, remove debris or perform other general maintenance in order to setup spa.  ADDITIONAL LABOR WILL BE BILLED AT $95 PER HR IF CLEAR AND CLEAN ACCESS IS NOT SUPPLIED
  • Due to their heavy weight, DELIVERY CREWS DO NOT MOVE ACRYLIC HOT TUBS UP OR DOWN STAIRS. A crane will be required if there are any stairs or deep slopes.
    • With TUFF Spas, minimal steps with a landing are OK.
  • If we attempt to deliver and discover that a crane is necessary, or the yard is not fully prepared, there will be a charge for the second delivery.  Customer pays for ANY AND ALL crane services.  ALL SWIM SPAS REQUIRE CRANE SERVICE AT THE CUSTOMERS EXPENSE.
Spa Delivery infographic
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