American Whirlpool hydrotherapy infographic

American Whirlpool has designed the Quadrant Therapy System to strategically place a select group of jets in specific seats to focus on the primary muscle groups in the body, including neck and shoulders, full back, arms and hands, legs and feet. Each seat is designed to deliver a specific massage including the delivery of soft or deep tissue pressure for optimum therapy. As specific acupressure points on the body are massaged, the muscle tension is released, naturally promoting circulation. By targeting acupressure points, American Whirlpool spas can effectively relieve daily stresses and optimize the body’s natural healing process.

Lower Lumbar Therapy Seat

Dynamic Mini Pulsator Jets focus on the lower quadrant of the back providing mid-level, pulsating therapy and promoting relaxation of muscles supporting the lumbar vertebrae.

Eurosage Therapy Seat

Eighteen strategically placed Euro Jets provide deep penetrating relief, targeting the acupressure points of the shoulders and back.

Serenity Seat

A light, twisting motion is exerted by six large Twister Jets positioned to provide a soothing massage all over the back, from top to bottom.

Therapy Collar

Deep, focused hydrotherapy for the neck and shoulders using four dual-stream, pulsating Rotational Jets provides immediate relief from daily stress.

Whirlpool Volcano Jet

This powerful, penetrating jet is designed to apply a universal deep muscle massage to areas like the glutes, hips, thighs, and feet.

Focused Therapy Seat

Eight mid-sized single-stream Rotational Jets massage the entire back at a comfortable mid-range pressure.

Magnassage Lounger

Our amazing full body hydro-massage. Depending on the spa model, up to eighteen jets massage the body from shoulders to feet, with up to fourteen fully adjustable jets. Some spa models include wrist/hand jets to promote increased movement and dexterity.

Master Massage Foot Jets

The most dynamic foot massage available in a spa. This foot jet, used in a single or dual configuration, has 28 individual ports delivering up to 130 gpm per jet, immediately revitalizing tired, aching feet.

Foot Dome

Many models include a Foot Dome to deliver foot and acupressure hydrotherapy to multiple locations within the spa.

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